Sony RX10 IV Photos Downloading Dark

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Re: Sony RX10 IV Photos Downloading Dark

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sherman_levine wrote:

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Unfortunately it's not as simple as the EV. The pics looks great on the camera's screen, just not once I get them on the computer. For example, I took 2 pics of the northern lights. Granted they're not very good pics, but on the camera screen you can see the green streaks in the black sky. On my computer, the same pic is just a black sky. You don't see the green at all.

Check the menu setting Camera2/7 "Live View Display"

If it's off, then the display will look proper but won't reflect the stored image. It's primarily intended for proper framing when shooting with strobes.

I'm bringing this to the top again because I don't think any of the "adjust exposure" posts address your original issue - the brightness of the display exceeds the brightness of your stored JPG.

In addition to the suggestion above, you might want to take a look at Menu/Setup/Viewfinder Brightness and Menu/Setup/Monitor Brightness.

If Monitor Brightness is set to Sunny Weather or Viewfinder brightness is set more than zero, that might explain the discrepancy you're describing.

I've already mentioned that a week ago!

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