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Re: ON1 Photoraw 2022 plugin capability

Almazar80 wrote:

I have not upgraded my version of Nik since the pre google days (I actually paid for it before google made it available for free). The plugins still work. All I am saying is that instead of spending money on the ON1 plugins, I will probably upgrade my Nik plugins to DXO's version. The 2021.5 version of ON1 Photoraw still works as a Photoshop plugin. In the future, I don't think I'll be as keen on upgrading Photoraw as I have in the past. It's not that I don't like the software. I don't like their unnecessary splitting of the product and subsequent price increase (almost doubling the price if you want both functionality). As a long time ON1 customer, I understand that they must grow revenue. I also know that with this pricing structure, I am less likely to upgrade regularly.

Google Nik is not very different from Original Nik.  A few more filters, a few more presets.  Same interface.  Probably underlying improvements in its u point functionality, processing speed, etc.  Perspective Efex has been added, but I am happy with the Transform and Lens Correction features in On1.  I will use On1 as a plug-in at times to access those features.  I wish more of my lenses were in the database.  Why Tamron's 150-600 G2 and 100-400 are not there is a mystery to me.  On1 says that people need to send images taken with those lenses into On1.  Really?  Images from all the obscure, ancient lenses that are in the database have been examined?

I don't like the splitting of the software, either.  On1 has made their determination that this is a more profitable way to sell their software.  Capitalism does force companies to increase revenue by slimming down their products.  If you want a half gallon of Breyer's ice cream for a party, you will need to buy two containers.  8 oz is a cup, right?  Try to find an 8 oz cup of yogurt.  Yet, they sell each unit at the same price as before the weight and volume loss.  Customers new to On1 won't even know that the plug-ins were once packaged with Photo Raw.  I got Perfect Effects 8 for free.  So, 2022 prices are a big increase for me!

I upgraded Photo Raw every year for the first couple of years.  The software was just too slow at first and every new edition was significantly better.  Now, the software is quite speedy both in applying the settings and exporting the finished images.  I skipped the 2021 upgrade and will probably not upgrade again for two or three years.  That is the advantage of having a license.   I only upgrade Elements when they improve the Adobe Camera Raw module.  Or Mac OS changes require it.  Getting a new Mac in 2019 made most of my software obsolete.  Had to upgrade Nik as well as Elements. But, On1 still worked!

If I can't get what I want using On1 2021 as a plug-in, I can always send a tif to the standalone and export back to Elements.  An extra couple of steps so inconvenient.  But, I will probably be happy with 2021 as a plug-in for several more years.  I use On1 as my primary platform more and more so the plug-in is becoming less and less important anyway.

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