Issue with RF 24-105 L

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Re: Issue with RF 24-105 L

Yes, I can read quickly through a thread and sense when I'm being led down a rabbit hole. So I comment on it. Took moments.

What I don't have time for is wringing my hands and predicting online that my repair will be pointless--even before the item has been returned.

And we have two oddly similar threads on the same types of issues with the 24-105, and in each case nothing gets resolved (Yet!) We've gone from a poorly performing copy of a lens, to claiming CPS is incompetent, to even claiming the CPS website charged somebody six times for an annual membership payment.

I just think it's odd that things snowball like this. If you, davel33, think I'm completely wrong, fine, I hope you are right.

Now I do find it legitimately interesting that others have also had problems with the 24-105 and question its QC. That's fine. I got lucky with my copy, and I assume most people did. However, I'd also consider that the 24-105, as a kit lens, tends to get sold in a "white box," which could explain why it has a slightly higher problem rate (if it does, in fact) than non-kit lenses. Lenses that are not bought in pristine, original packaging are subject to more shipping and handling, thus exposed to more chances of being banged around.


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