Rubber ring to zoom 18–135 is completely loose

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Re: Rubber ring to zoom 18–135 is completely loose

lehill wrote:

contax4ever wrote:

On my DT 18–135 mm F3.5–5.6 SAM I have to squeeze the ring tightly to operate the zoom. If not, the outside ring just spins freely around barrel. Is this failed adhesive or just loosening of the material? Any suggestions to fix? Thanks.

Over time the rubber material stretches or loses elasticity. I've heard of people using their own adhesive (rubber cement, super glue, other adhesives) to get some "grippiness" back.

This service manual for the SAL18135 lens says the rubber zoom ring part # is 4-294-835-01. There also appears to be a rubber focus ring (part # 4-294-796-01).

If you're in the USA, Sony's official parts supplier is Encompass. Encompass says "This item is currently out of stock. 10/26/2021 or 6 days" for both parts (example). This doesn't sound good.

You can also try searching eBay for the part numbers. I did a brief search and didn't have much luck.

Encompass seems pretty accurate on out of stock lead times vs. NLA. I have ordered out of stock parts from them before, and they shipped when they said they would ship. For the most part, I think out of stock from them are parts they don't, or no-longer, stock in their own warehouse, but know they can still get from Sony when they need them.

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