Just For Fun: Assumption about the “Z” mount name origins.

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Re: Just For Fun: Assumption about the “Z” mount name origins.

JohnNewman wrote:

Z6User wrote:

MIC37 wrote:

I was trying to find a logical explanation for the use of the letter “Z” as the mount name.

Looks like the letter “Z” is “N” rotated 90° clockwise.

Z is the last letter of the alphabet, and it could be seen as the last mount, as it has the shortest flange to sensor distance.

Alternatively it’s their way to get the English speaking world fighting with itself. Zee. Zed. Zee. Zed. Neeekon. Nikon. Nighkon. Neeekon Zee. Nikon Zed. Nighkon Zee.

Often attributed to George Bernard Shaw (but not found exactly in any of his works) is the saying "Britain and America Are Two Nations Divided by a Common Language" These days you could extend that to other English speaking nations but it's clear that digressions will happen over a period of time. You only have to look at Chaucer or even Shakespeare to see that none of us use the same version of English that was spoken even a few hundred years ago. I expect the same is true of other languages.

Some French people have contempt for Canadian French and French from parts of the US such as Louisiana. And of course French Canadians make fun of Parisian French, which sounds snooty to some ears including mine. Swiss French sounds funny to the French. I know there are bun fights between Germans and Austrians over the German language.

So it's good to gently poke a little bit of fun at each other but let's not hung up about it


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