Wishlist for a new APSC camera

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Re: Wishlist for a new APSC camera

JohnNEX wrote

This is complete fantasy - its way way beyond what is remotely likely. No wonder there is so much disappointment in new products if these are the expectations.

The weird thing is that my top item - a front dial - is not on this list!

Yeah...totally want a front dial.

Let me expand my wish list a bit

-Potrait orientation tilt for low shots

-front dial (forgot about this one...really want it)

- Max SS 1/8000 and sync 1/200 or more

- Better EVF

That's really about it. I think I'm more interested in user experience upgrades than improved Tech specs. For my needs these cams, when used with good glass, make really great images. The AF is awesome and IQ is fantastic. All that other techy stuff is superfluous for my needs as a basic enthusiast.

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