Coming back to Digital, need some guidance.

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Re: Coming back to Digital, need some guidance.

M West wrote:

Well I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the D750. If the D series gets the ax in way of the Z. Honestly I am not too worried about it. I have never been one to put resale value into my consideration. I imagine even if not one more D series camera gets released, there is enough out there to keep me shooting on it for a few years.

Congratulations. When I bought the D750 a few years back, I was well aware of the Z series & ML, but I am careful about annual cost of ownership and mirrorless was substantially more expensive for not much benefit. Plus all the old lenses work fine including AF-D such as the gorgeous and cheap old 70-210mm. I'm very happy to sweat these assets till they fall over. They don't seem to stop working in a hurry and there's a lot about on the used market.

The D750 supports Highlight Weighted metering which I've found surprisingly valuable for backlit/high contrast scenes. Also, learning the U1/U2 and settings persistence mechanisms is helpful, setting up BBAF and other button re-mapping. I liked the Thom Hogan guide even though it's fairly old. NX Studio is fairly good for RAW processing/conversion and gives you full picture control/NR/Active-D facilities etc. You can also create your own profiles/adjustment sets which might help if you have particular color/sharpening preferences. Personally, I like the Standard profile skin tones, but it's different from either the D700 or whatever film stock you've been using. It's also possible to create/download and load picture control profiles to the camera if you want to do SOOC jpg.

In terms of add-ons, I love having a grip available (got 3rd party used), and adding Godox wireless flash - not sure what you have/want in that regard.

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