Final pictures with my E-M1mII

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Final pictures with my E-M1mII

So a few months ago I took advantage of a good offer and got myself a new E-M1mII, sold my old E-M1 and was pretty pleased with myself. End of the summer I went hiking for some days with a couple of friends, which was really the first longer outing for it. Unfortunately the camera got destroyed, so I thought I would share some pictures in its memory.

We were planning to go for 4 days, although the weather prediction didn't look the best for the latter days. The weather was really nice in the beginning, actually, so I'll add here also a sunny weather picture:

My 40-150 plastic fantastic is clearly too short for decent birding, but at least the woodpecker is recongizable:

The first night it rained a little bit, but it stopped in the morning and the day was nice again. The campsite for the second night was really nice and even had a small "kennel" where we decided to sleep, as rain was forecast for the next day, starting early in the morning, and packing a tent in rain is not the most pleasant experience.

Campsite in the morning

The third day it rained a lot, but I still got some nice pictures.

The coolest thing to photograph were some spiderwebs that had collected raindrops:

I've been out in the rain with Olympus cameras before and never had issues before. At some point, the rain got really heavy and I put the camera away. Before that, I took this picture. There's water on the lens, but I think it captures the mood well:

During the evening, the rain got even worse and there was no sign of it stopping. A friend was supposed to join us in the evening, but in the end he offered us an alternative plan of sauna at his place, we took it with enthusiasm and he came to pick us up. As I always do after getting wet, I removed the lens, battery etc. from the camera and left it to dry. But on the next day, the camera did not start and I saw some marks of water inside the battery compartment.

As the camera was under warranty (which does not cover water damage), I took it to our local Olympus/OMDS representative. They checked if it qualifies for repairs (turns out the don't repair older cameras like the mark I at all any more) and told me that they're sending it to the Portugal centre and even if it's not covered by warranty, for a fixed fee of 250 euros they would repair any problem, which seemed like a decent enough option.

Well, in Portugal they decided that "it's not worth to repair", as apparently there is water damage on the electronics, so I was left with a wasted camera and a 25 euro bill for sending it to Portugal.

I did write to OMDS on their support form that this was not really OK, but I haven't gotten any response so far in a month (I did also send them a reminder). I've contacted them twice before, but the replies seemed to get slower each time...

Oh, well, I still have my old gateway drug, the E-M5, which I'm using for now and which still takes pretty nice pictures. Although last weekend, the screen seemed to go black and random times and it took me some on-off fiddling to get it working again, so fingers crossed it doesn't die on me yet...

Olympus 12-40mm F2.8 Pro Olympus E-M1 II Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm F2.8 Macro
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