Rqst: to people with a dead Godox battery

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Re: Rqst: to people with a dead Godox AD200 / V860 battery

Jigal wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

We recently had a thread where somebody had left AD200 batteries in an unpowered charger for a week and the batteries went flat.

Anyway I take the battery out of my V1 (which I use quite infrequently) as it does no harm to do so.

What is actually the advantage of these Li-ion batteries over low self discharge batteries such as eneloops? I was considering the V860-II but reading these horror stories I'm glad to have picked the TT-685s (and using the price difference as part of the budget for a studio strobe).

This isn't a horror story.

I use Eneloops a lot but not normally in speedlights and I find them a PITA but in many cases they are the best option. I don't use speedlights a lot these days. I have a bunch of TT600 which is how i started using Godox lights. The recycle time is unremarkable and they need changing relatively frequently. I don't keep the batteries in the speedlights. I have 4 TT600s so I have to manage a minimum of 32 AA cells and remember which of the cells are changed and which discharged. I use Storacell packs.  I use these in situations where the light could be damaged or destroyed so pretty infrequently.

When I use my V1 I have considerably better recycle time. I only need one battery and that travels in the speedlight.

The only AA cells I routinely use in photography is in triggers and i don't use Eneloops  in them. I use Energizer lithiums because I keep the cells in the triggers all the time and they don't leak.

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