aliens seek out jet

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Re: aliens seek out jet

ellare wrote:

stevet1, That's a good one! I have been watching X-Files reruns for awhile now and this would fit right in. Would like to hear what you think of the circular polarizer and it would be of interest to me what make you have or decide on. Thanks.



The color polarizers are ok. I have the screw on Tiffen brand that I got from B&H. They're good for cutting the glare off of water so you can see the fish underneath, and help cut through haze in long distance landscape shots. They can add depth of field that way. They also help cut reflections coming off non-metallic surfaces.

I haven't worked with it yet, but it's supposed to add about 2-3 stops of neutral density. I want to screw it it on to a 3 stop neutral density filter and turn it into a 6 stop ND filter, if I need to.

Steve Thomas

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