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Hi Fran! I have been checking every so often for just this post. I am so glad to see that you like the camera. I really like the lighting on the trees/woods photo.... And I think you must have had some kind of converter on the camera because there is no way I can get that kind of focus on a fly. I weirdly think that the 1000 M 2 seems to take worst macro pictures than the 300?! But overall it's so intuitive and so easy to work it still just makes me happy to pick it up.

My most sincere condolences on the passing of your father, it is very hard on the ones left behind!

I also agree that I think you got a really good copy of the camera which you totally deserved. I haven't been able to photograph much lately and I do love the camera but I was at the park watching a girl take Halloween photos yesterday and she had a Canon rebel t5 and I swear it looked like she was getting sharper pictures than I do! Plus she's got it used on eBay for $150... Of course she was using basically no zoom.

So I'm looking forward to getting to take more photos soon and I'm still considering a camera that you have to change the lenses on LOL! I think I will have to experience this at one point to ever feel happy with my choice especially if I can do it that cheaply.

Where I think the 1000 Mark II is a little off base is for example on your statue with the sun straight on it kind of blurs the edges of the front of the statue. I have noticed that too; it is much much better than the 300 in contrast, but the edges of the pictures sometimes seem to fade out if they are more than halfway zoomed out - especially in bright sunshine. I really have to watch myself in bright sunshine.

Let me know what you think and mostly just so happy to hear that you are happy and doing well. Best wishes!


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