Just For Fun: Assumption about the “Z” mount name origins.

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Re: Sony was "A"

Z6User wrote:

Lance B wrote:

JohnNewman wrote:

Edward_Thomas wrote:

So Nikon picked "Z"

(Which is pronounced "Zee." You don't say "Ped" for "P," right? )

Or instead of being insular, you could consider most of the rest of the world may have an alternative view?


Good find. Being Australian, we use Zed as well and find it nicer than Zee, which sounds farcical for a camera name, IMO.

The letters B = Bee, C = Cee, D = Dee etc mean to me that there is a lead on to the next letter coming after that particular letter. Zed at the end of the alphabet indicates the end of the alphabet.

As for why Nikon used it? Like another poster suggested, it is the end of the line for the mount, the last and final mount, the best mount. Although, I do like the idea of the "N" being turned 90 degrees clockwise and becoming "Z"

I prefer not think of the Z mount as indicating that Nikon has keeled over onto its side, and expired. Maybe that’s just me.

Nah, it's the last brand you'll try and the one you'll stick with so it's the last camera system you'll need...

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