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NewP510owner wrote:

Richard B99 wrote:

NewP510owner wrote:

Its an interesting quiry as I understood that (Sport) mode VR is designed for fast action including burts so that tells me it should not be affected by high shutter speeds.

I use sport VR a lot (most of the time when hand held) with that lens TC combo and also with Nikon 500mm lenses. That is how / why Nikon provides it for stabilising the VF image. I’ve never had an issue with systematic loss of sharpness because of this. It’s a useful tool.

I am shooting almost permanently at 1/2000sec with my combo of d500/300PF/1.4 X mk 3 Nikon TC that should be more than fast enough to freeze the movement of plane flying over nice and steady on airways - but upon pixal peeping and cropping I notice there is all I can explain but some motion blur.

There are a good number of ways of getting lack of sharpness in images:

- plain and simple user induced camera shake. The biggest reason and many don’t like to admit this. Sometimes it’s not concentrating on technique, too excited, feeling a bit unwell or even being a bit out of practice. It is still possible very possible to get detectably degraded images from shake even using 1/2000s. We shouldn’t be surprised by this. After all, if we were good, we Wouldn’t bother with AF and wouldn’t have invented VR in all its varieties. Also, and definitely a factor here, sport mode actually reduces the effectiveness of overall VR to concentrate on VF stability. In that respect, it is an ‘expert’ setting not a max shake reduction mode!
- Motion Blur. Yes, very easy to still get subject induced motion blur at 1/2000. Granted, tends to be faster moving bits like wings but can include body if you aren’t panning for traversing shots.
- AF fine tune. Really important to do with these long lenses and with the TC on. If you haven’t, it’s well worth checking out.

- Poor Atmosphere. Can easily result in systematic degradation of sharpness. Sometimes it’s characteristic, sometimes it’s slight and just looks like out of focus.

I tend to use Back button for Contiunous focus and even keep it held down a fraction after pressing the shutter (I was told to follow through slightly even after pressing the shuuter).

Right approach.

The reason I asked about quite mode - is just incase what I am seeing is mirror slap - the quiet mode would have been useful in that respect - but not sure if it would effect movement from tracking.

Try it but I doubt it’s going to do much. It has its place with timid wildlife though.

I dont wan't to leave the VR off as tracking the plane (and even keeping it with in the 25 dynamic focus box) woukld be quite difficult.


Thank you for that lengthy reply, so would you tend to favour normal VR mode over Sport at high shutter speeds - when tracking steady flying aircraft say flying diagnal to you, or would you turn VR off but up the Shutter speed over 1/2000sec.

Well, no, I wouldn’t because I don’t get a problem in that sort of situation.  As you do, I would do as you note and then spend some time testing systematically to see if that gets you better results.

I used to own the old Pre AFS version of the 300 f4 IF ED and used that with any TC and was able to hand hold it and get sharp shots with no shake or blur at 1/1600sec of the same subjects.

Trouble is I still crop the pics down to 1800 pixals long edge, but sharpen as needed prior to output to Jpeg from the original DNG conversion (I dont have the upto date Ligthtroom still on 5.7) and D500 is not supported so I need to convert all my files to the Adobe DNG files.

Ok, so cropping to 1800 pixels takes your used image down to 2.2 MP.  About a tenth of the sensor.  I’m now wondering if you aren’t just suffering from ‘subject too small’ syndrome.

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