Focus firmware update any time soon? Z7ii & Z6ii

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Re: Focus firmware update any time soon? Z7ii & Z6ii

Les Kamens wrote:

I'v been shooting a lot of convention and meeting work with the Z line. the results are amazing the Z lenses are critically sharp. Then the challenge came this past week at a Gym industry conference. getting activity was part of the assignment. Sometimes in dim rooms to show the tag lights they had to reach for and many variations of light, color, and movement. First what I loved!! white balance was impeccable. I generally use expo disks and Pre. I haven't had to touch them. Like I said the lenses were worth the price of admission. What I wasn't lovin so much was the focus. it was a challenge to say the least. I pulled every trick in the book. Follow Focus was sometimes great and sometimes not so great. full frame people [S] and wide people [S]. pin point [S] and tried my luck. Then I tried the above in [C] and it improved a lot. As I'm editing my Z's and a colleagues 760's. 760 missed focus around the same as my Z's. I remember my 850's were beyond great as far as focus. BTW I handheld 15th of a second to get motion blur on gym equipment. I got results I would have gotten with a tripod. equipment sharp with body movement. I'll never leave this Brand and anxious for a firmware update that could help these cameras along. I really love my Z's and know it only gets better from here

So maybe this will help or not... I remember reading on Thom Hogans site Zsystemuserdotcom that there are settings that improve the AF in low light. Maybe you already know about those, if so nevermind. But if not, it might be interesting. I don't do a lot of low light AF so I kinda just casually read it and I can't point you directly to where the info is on the site but it might be in his deep review of the Z6II.

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