More 16 F2.8 comparisons: corrected vs. uncorrected vs. JPG

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More 16 F2.8 comparisons: corrected vs. uncorrected vs. JPG

I ordered my 16 F2.8 from Adorama a few days ago (Saturday), expecting to have to wait a while before they got it in, and, as expected I got an email saying it was backordered. A few people on this forum suggested that it might be easier to get at a local camera store, so I checked with my local store (Mike's Camera in Boulder) online and ordered it to pickup in the store. The website said it was 'coming soon', but I got an email 30 minutes later to say it was ready for pickup. So I picked it up today and cancelled my Adorama order. I've been playing with it, because we have some nice autumn weather right now. I shot RAW, and processed some of the shots in camera using the shot settings, which presumably gives me the same results as using DPP (which I hate for its clunkiness). I then imported the images into Lightroom and exported some downsized JPEGs (2000 pixels on the long side) both of the in-camera converted JPEGs and the RAWs with no lens corrections applied (but using the rest of my default processing settings for the R. Then I also applied the lens corrections for the RF 24-240 STM, as suggested by some people here, and added 130 distortion correction, as also suggested by someone. The results are interesting. As we know, the uncorrected RAWs are much wider than 16mm. Even the corrected versions (using the 24-240 profile and 130 distortion correction) are a bit wider than the in-camera JPEG conversion, and with only the 24-240 profile applied, they are significantly wider. Here are some examples, starting with the first shot I took with the lens, right outside the camera store:

This is the in-camera conversion using shot settings, giving the 16mm field of view

This is the LR conversion with no lens correction applied. See how much wider it is.

This is the LR conversion with 24-240 profile applied and 130 distortion correction. Still slightly wider than the in-camera JPEG conversion

Here's another set of 3, showing the in-camera conversion, LR conversion with no corrections, and LR conversion with lens corrections:

This is the in-camera JPEG conversion using shot settings. I framed this shot to exclude the porta-potty on the right (not seen here, obviously)

This is the uncorrected LR conversion. As you can see, there's a lot more on the side here.

This is the LR conversion with 24-240 profile and 130 distortion correction. As you can see, it's a little wider than the in-camera JPEG conversion

And here are a few conversions with the stated lens corrections applied:

I'm mostly interested in using this lens for landscape shots in good (or at least fair) light, so all these shots are stopped down to F8. I did take one closer to wide open (F4):

I'm very pleased with this lens. It's small, light, cheap, and pretty sharp (at least stopped down to the apertures I'll be mostly using it at). I have had several UWA zooms over the last 15 years, and used the wide end for more than 90% of my shots. Most of the other 10% were at the long end of the zoom. So, between this 16 F2.8 and my 35 F1.8, I have probably 99% of the shots I would have taken with an UWA zoom covered, and I'm much more likely to have this lens (and the 35) with me. The lens also seems to handle flare quite well. All in all, it's a great addition to the RF lineup for those of us without unlimited funds to pay for lenses and assistants to carry them for us.

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