My iPhone daughter wants a 35mm film camera !

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Re: Improving your photography with limitations

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Using manual lenses, whether native or adapted, takes it a step further.

I wonder why I did not mention this.

Can't think of everything. I sure can't.

There are people who don't quite get manual lenses. Some that don't even get primes. It doesn't hurt to mention them both.

But when you put both together… watch out.

Ah the joy of using the split / Fresnel screen ! The manual focus "highlights" of digital cameras still leaves me a bit frustrated...

You mean focus peaking? That’s the worst!

Magnified view is better! And so much easier, quicker and more accurate than ANY film era focus screen!

No, for me nothing beats split/fresnel for speed and accuracy, provided it is a bright lens and has automatic diaphragm. Peaking and magnify are only poor substitutes, and manual m43 lenses have no automatic diaphragm thereby considerably slowing down manual focusing.

That’s weird.

I use a a lot of manual and adapted manual lenses and focus is so much faster and accurate than it ever was with any of my film cameras. My last film camera was a Nikon FM2n and I had a couple of different focus screens. Still have it, in fact.

Using my GX8, I have Constant Preview set (for full time real time live view) and shoot in M mode.

I set the ISO where I want it. Set the aperture where I want it. Adjust shutter speed for exposure.

I’ll move the focus point where I want it with thumb on screen. I set the front Fn7 button to trigger magnified view. Pop in to focus. Pop out and shoot. It’s fast and accurate. I used the same method with my GX7, too.

I know some people futz around with focusing by stopping down or stopping up to focus then setting the aperture back where they want it to shoot. With live view and magnification that sort of thing is completely unnecessary. I guess old habits die hard.

So, looks like I am fixated in the old habit to always focus with aperture wide open. And was using both magnify and peaking, thinking that is the only way for manual lenses (I only have the SLRmagic 8mm fully manual)... I will give your method a try. Thanks for sharing your method. But as you say, old habits die hard . If it works for you, that gives me confidence to try harder to get it to work for me too.

I'm pretty lazy as far as photography goes. I'll wander around and stumble on things to shoot, so for that scenario, simple is better. Actually, for most things, simple is better.

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