Zeapon Revolver, Ifootage Seastar quick release

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Zeapon Revolver, Ifootage Seastar quick release

Zeapon Revolver and Ifootage seastar are two reasonably new quick releases.
Both are quick releases more aimed at swapping tripod heads or sliders and other accessories rather than fastening the camera on the head.

I have used the Seastar for some time and I am very happy with it even though there are some issues for example the actual star that helps you to open and close/secure the plate that is slightly to large or sticks out to much and this might be annoying depending on the type of head you use.
I use geared heads Benro/Sunway and it can sometimes be in the way of the controls/handles and in my primary usage is that I can stick with one head (even with the camera attached) and still attach a horisontal arm and just click off and click on and swap heads on the center column and or the lateral/horizontal arm.
Yes I am aware of tripods with a lateral arm but they are usually not high enough for me, I am using a tripod that goes up to 215 centimeters so hence my need of a easily and very firm/secure quick release system

My question is if there are any other similar systems that I am not aware of that are comparable to these tools. The Arca Swiss or the different Manfrotto systems does not really compare to these unless there is something that I am not aware off?
Both these systems have a higher load capacity and have this snap in and lock that neither arca or manfrotto has.

I am considering buying the Zeapon to try it out but before I wanted to hear if there was more options out there.
Here is a link to a review of the two systems although it looks as if it is a paid review by Zeapon, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFh3PL2nYJM

Here are links for the products
Ifootage https://www.ifootagegear.com/products/seastars-q15?variant=39267634839595
Zeapon https://www.zeapon.com/en/product_view_416_291.html

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