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NewP510owner wrote:

Its an interesting quiry as I understood that (Sport) mode VR is designed for fast action including burts so that tells me it should not be affected by high shutter speeds.

I use sport VR a lot (most of the time when hand held) with that lens TC combo and also with Nikon 500mm lenses.  That is how / why Nikon provides it for stabilising the VF image. I’ve never had an issue with systematic loss of sharpness because of this.  It’s a useful tool.

I am shooting almost permanently at 1/2000sec with my combo of d500/300PF/1.4 X mk 3 Nikon TC that should be more than fast enough to freeze the movement of plane flying over nice and steady on airways - but upon pixal peeping and cropping I notice there is all I can explain but some motion blur.

There are a good number of ways of getting lack of sharpness in images:

- plain and simple user induced camera shake.  The biggest reason and many don’t like to admit this.  Sometimes it’s not concentrating on technique, too excited, feeling a bit unwell or even being a bit out of practice.  It is still possible very possible to get detectably degraded images from shake even using 1/2000s.  We shouldn’t be surprised by this.  After all, if we were good, we Wouldn’t bother with AF and wouldn’t have invented VR in all its varieties.  Also, and definitely a factor here, sport mode actually reduces the effectiveness of overall VR to concentrate on VF stability.  In that respect, it is an ‘expert’ setting not a max shake reduction mode! 
- Motion Blur.  Yes, very easy to still get subject induced motion blur at 1/2000.  Granted, tends to be faster moving bits like wings but can include body if you aren’t panning for traversing shots.  
- AF fine tune. Really important to do with these long lenses and with the TC on.  If you haven’t, it’s well worth checking out.

- Poor Atmosphere.  Can easily result in systematic degradation of sharpness.  Sometimes it’s characteristic, sometimes it’s slight and just looks like out of focus.

I tend to use Back button for Contiunous focus and even keep it held down a fraction after pressing the shutter (I was told to follow through slightly even after pressing the shuuter).

Right approach.

The reason I asked about quite mode - is just incase what I am seeing is mirror slap - the quiet mode would have been useful in that respect - but not sure if it would effect movement from tracking.

Try it but I doubt it’s going to do much.  It has its place with timid wildlife though.

I dont wan't to leave the VR off as tracking the plane (and even keeping it with in the 25 dynamic focus box) woukld be quite difficult.


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