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Sranang Boi wrote:

Similar, yes. But not quite the same. The secret is in the RAW image produced by the FZ1000. It is taken at the full 20MP rate even though the camera is set to say 5MP. You don't get the RAW at maximum sensor resolution on other cameras once you reduce the sensor count. ...

Not any "secret", just a feature.

I mainly shoot RAW; for myself shooting RAW overall faster than constantly tweaking JPG settings for current lighting conditions, As for myself does not take me any longer to PP a RAW image than doing the same PP adjustments to a JPG image.


The FZ1000 and FZ1000M2 have a unique image capture feature that can't be found in any other of the Panasonic cameras. ...

I just did a quick test shot with my ZS100 set to 10EX, and JPG+RAW.

It also does the longer EFL 10MP crop with the JPG image, and the Full 20MP RAW image.


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