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Jon_T wrote:

Sranang Boi wrote:

... The FZ1000 and FZ1000M2 have a unique image capture feature that can't be found in any other of the Panasonic cameras. ....

Not entirely true. Other camera's have similar forms of intelligent zoom; below a screen-shot excerpt from the article "Optical vs. Digital Zoom" (HERE):

I've used occasionally the Canon's "Smart Zoom" for years with various Canon compacts.

... I now have my camera permanently set to it. To use it effectively you have to be into photo editing on a PC though. To access it, switch off iZoom. Go to the pixel rate setting and change it from 20MP to 5MP.

Yes been many topics in this forum discussing the "Extended optical zoom" (aka, EOZ):

Page 54 of the PDF Advanced features manual

... Then set the picture taking format to RAW + JPG. That's it. Now when you operate the zoom you will notice that it now goes up to 800m instead of 400m...

The 800mm EFV is solely due to the 10MP central "crop" smaller FOV. At all 'optical' focal lengths less than 400mm EFL (136mm optical) there "is" digital manipulation occurring hence why with not available in RAW. 'Without' any digital manipulation (i.e., just a 10MP central crop) the EFL would always be a 2X '50-800mm'.

Awhile ago on this forum there was a lengthy topic discussing the above.

When you take pictures you will get a RAW and JPG file. If the zoom range extend beyond 400mm the RAW file will max out at 400mm but the JPG will be zoomed in further. Now when it comes to editing crop the RAW file. Only really use the JPG file if it looks good enough. The cropped RAW file will show far more detail than the JPG equivalent, especially in contrasty situation where you want to bring out shadow details. ...

Hence one can get same results, probably better, if they PP and crop the RAW image.


I think he's saying that the simultaneous creation of a full-sensor raw and a cropped-sensor JPG is an unusual feature.

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