How Do I "Back Up" My System?

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Re: How Do I "Back Up" My System?

SC489 wrote:

Imaging is more versatile and reliable than cloning since you can schedule backups and select full / differential and incremental backups.

I recommend Macrium Reflect Free to backup all your system and user files. You can augment this with File History to backup user files frequently.

I agree with the first point, but not the second re user files. Imaging is necessary in order to have a restorable, bootable copy of the OS/apps disk. Data files, OTOH, are just that and don't require any special handling. If they're locked up inside an image file, there is no way to access (or even see) them without the software that made the image in the first place. IMHO, a simple file copy operation is better for data files because the data can be accessed quickly by virtually any computer.

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