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Not really a change

With the colormunki I´m used to create printer targets with 1600 colours.

I'm 92% certain that the ColorMunki software did not provide any way to make printer profiles using 1600-patch targets. So if you were making ICC printing profiles from 1600-patch targets with your ColorMunki, you were almost certainly using software other than the X-Rite ColorMunki software--something like Argyll CMS.

AFAIK, the older ColorMunki software (I think 1.2.4 was the last version--which incidentally I'm not sure runs under the current major operating systems) and the newer i1Studio software (the last being 1.5.1 for Windows, 1.6 for Mac OS) use the same basic system: print the standard set of 50 patches, measure those, have the software create a customized second set of patches (50 for regular color profiles, 100 for B&W-oriented profiles), print those, measure those, and have the software create the ICC printing profile.

FWIW, X-Rite has sold off or spun off these devices to Calibrite. If you want a new device or the latest software, pretty soon (there are still some older i1Studios in stock) it will have to be the Calibrite ColorChecker Studio.

As my colormunki doesn´t work after 10 years I´d like to buy the i1Studio.

If you're happy with the basic device, that's a solid plan. I have rented an i1Studio, and subsequently bought a used ColorMunki Photo. They seem functionally identical.

Unfortunately with the i1Studio software (downloaded it for playing a little with it....) I can only create targets with 2x50 colours.
I really doubt, that an ICC profile created with 2x50 colours can work as good as an ICC profile created from the 1600 colour targets with Colormunki/iprofiler.......

Have you actually tried it? I find the 50+50 and 50+100 profiles to be pretty good. But don't take my word for it; guru Andrew "Digital Dog" Rodney has expressed the same view more than once. IMO the key is the iterative approach and fairly smart customization for the second set of patches.

Is there a possibility to use the Colormunkis iprofiler Software

You are the first person I've seen claim that the ColorMunki Photo works with the i1 Profiler software. I thought this was not possible. Are you sure?

to create and read the targets with iStudio sensor (Colormunki and i1studio seems to be identical from hardware....)

From a hardware standpoint, I can't imagine there's anything a ColorMunki Photo can do that an i1Studio cannot do. OTOH, X-Rite is known for putting tags in certain devices to lock out certain software-based functionality.

But my basic takes are:

(1) try the i1Studio software--you may be surprised by the relatively high quality of the ICC printing profiles it can create; and

(2) if you really want to make 1600+ patch profiling targets and use them with an i1Studio, there are lots of people doing this with Argyll CMS.

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