Rqst: to people with a dead Godox battery

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Re: Rqst: to people with a dead Godox AD200 / V860 battery

techie takes pics wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

sensible strategy for any Lithium battery.

In general Godox batteries fail because people leave them in the strobe and the cells drain to below the safe charge level. The battery has a safety circuit which detects this and stops them being recharged.

This is interesting, as my flashes have a hard switch which I expect cut off the power from the battery by breaking the circuit - not some soft switch which may maintain a tiny current drain.

Most of the battery problems I've seen on this forum have been with AD400Pro/AD600Pros. When Godox first released the Li-Ion speedlights they had tons of battery problems but that seemed to be down to the cells they were using. They swiched supplier and the problems went away.

We recently had a thread where somebody had left AD200 batteries in an unpowered charger for a week and the batteries went flat.

Anyway I take the battery out of my V1 (which I use quite infrequently) as it does no harm to do so.

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