Canon R5 Autofocus/IBIS problem - Sensor locking

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Canon R5 Autofocus/IBIS problem - Sensor locking

Hey All,

I'll preface this by saying I've shot with EOS DSLRs for over 15 years and this problem has only happened with my mirrorless R5. I never had this problem with my DSLR lineup including the Canon 5D II and 20D/40D cameras.

When using my Canon R5 + RF 100-500 to shoot I'm frequently getting photos where the camera incorrectly focuses on the background and not the foreground subject I'm shooting. In these examples I'm panning with the subject with the autofocus set to SERVO and LARGE ZONE AF: HORIZONTAL and the autofocus points (Blue boxes, white box that turns blue) are bouncing around over the subject aircraft. Yet, the autofocus will incorrectly focus on the background and seemingly lock the sensor in place relative to the background, making it look as though I wasn't panning at all and instead the object passed through the frame while shooting a fixed position off a tripod. This error happens through an entire sequence of photos while tracking a subject.

Are there any photographers here who shoot motor sports, aviation, or sport and have experienced this bizarre autofocus/ibis issue?

Notice how the "5" Sign and runway light stick (below the aircraft on the edge of the runway) is crisp and in focus, yet the aircraft is blurred. 1/500, f/8.0, ISO125, 500mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern Metering

For the non-aviation/motor sport shooters who might be reading this: the rate of pan required to shoot a flying aircraft is not as fast as you think. Here's another example featuring the autofocus/ibis error where the aircraft was only rolling by at perhaps 15 mph. So, I expect if I get any replies from you guys there'll be critiques that I need to work on my panning. Again, I never had this problem when panning with DSLRs. I'm 99.9% sure this is a technology issue and not a result of me suddenly being unable to hold my camera.

Here's one more, featuring an aircraft that was just rolling by at 10-15 mph. At about a panning rate of 5-10 degrees per second.

f/7, 1/400, ISO160, 500mm, pattern metering.

Notice how the autofocus of the camera "locked" onto the grooves in the asphalt, freezing the movement of the panning camera resulting in a blur of the aircraft onto which I was tracking with the autofocus.

I called Canon Support and the technician suggested it might be a result of a battle between the IBIS and Lens IS and I should turn off the Lens IS (Well then what's the point of having the IS! I paid good money to have IS on my 500mm lens!)

These were taken with the following firmwares installed:

1.0.9 on the RF100-500

1.3.1 on the R5

I updated both firmwares this morning before making this post, but neither updates mention an upgrade to IBIS/Autofocus ability so I don't think old firmware was the cause of the problem.

Any help or guidance is appreciated!

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Canon EOS R5
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