Dilemma of an ageing F Body

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Dilemma of an ageing F Body

Hi Folks,

I'm a D810 and D750 shooter who is very invested in F mount glass, from 15-500 mm I recently got back from a vacation where most of my shooting was portraits my family. While the now old AF of the D810 never bothered me much, I've realised that I'm missing several shots of my toddler that a more modern body might not have an issue with. Many are shots I'd really have like to have gotten. Especially in low light.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching to see what I'd like to do going ahead. I've realised that I have no wish replicate my F lenses on the Z mount. Using a smaller resolution Z body along with a DSLR makes more sense selling and reacquiring equivalent S lenses, whenever they are available. On smaller resolution bodies, it seems like my F mount lenses would work just as well as their Z counterparts. This might change in 5-8 years, but right now, while I like the idea of mirroless, I just can't give up the OVF for wildlife. The What You See is What you Get View Finder sounds mighty interesting though.

Another thought on my mind is the financial outlay to start changing to S glass. I wonder, perhaps, it may make more sense to Shoot a Z/D combo and maybe consider the GFX for landscape in the future. This just a thought in my head. If I were to spend that kind of moolah, and there is no guarantee I am comfortable doing so, I think I'd be happier being a dual shooter. Then again, maybe the D850 and Z6II will keep me more than happy for another decade.

To that end, this holiday season, provided I can convince She Who Must be Obeyed, I am thinking of buying a Nikon Z6II, although the D850 seems far more appealing to me, I realise the Z6II offers me Eye AF, better AF and some good video capabilities to film my family which is probably the only thing that may convince She. Ought I be considering the Z7II at all? I certainly prefer the crop-ability of the 810 over the 750, but with modern software based upscaling, I don't know if it's a deal breaker, and if the point is AF, may as well go for better AF. I'd probably look at buying with the 24-70F4 kit. The lens is pretty good and quite inexpensive when bundled along with the holiday discount. The only other native glass I'd even think of buying would be the 20 1.8 prime, that's a big maybe and would only happen when we start travelling again. I don't have an issue with weight and size but with the Wife and Kids luggage requirements, I don't have the ability to bring a Tripod or Filters on most trips. I definitely need to re-think how to shoot on family holidays.

Lastly, I'm sorry for the essay. I needed to put things down to bring me some perspective and also perhaps hope that others on the forum would have been in a similar dilemma and can weigh in with their thoughts.

1) is the Z6II worth considering for family and travel photos/videos for usage with F glass over Z7II for a D810 user?

2) Dual GFX and Nikon FF shooters, what is your real world take on the combo? This is certainly not a need, more of a want in the future.

Thanks very much!

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