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michaeladawson wrote:

Ronan_M wrote:

- controls. Seems like they took a form over function path here. While the dials are "ok", changes in 1/3 stop in F stop and SS need to be done with different dials than full stops. This seems ridiculous

Not with aperture. All my Fujifilm lenses have aperture rings with 1/3 stop clicks. Shutter speed is what it is. How do you put 1/3 stop clicks on that tiny dial? However, not a problem for me as I usually shoot in aperture priority.

Yep. I was shooting manual. I wanted to maintain the exposure but change SS and Av. So like I do in my Nikons, I moved the Av 1-2-3 times and was going to do do the same for SS but couldnt... control wheel only changes 1 stop in 1/3 increments and then you have to move full stops with the top dial. Are there workarounds? sure. But controls are built with form over function, unlike Nikon

- raw recovery. JPEGs seem to be great with lots of "film types" options but I shoot raw. And what I noticed is that highlight recovery in Fuji raw is nowhere near what I can pull back from my FX Nikons. You move the highlight recovery dial in Lightroom and the image barely moves or changes.

You mean Highlights slider? There is no “highlights recovery” per se. But no, I never observed any issue with this.

Its not an "issue". Its that Nikon FX offers more latitude in recovery and I have seen this first hand.

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