Rqst: to people with a dead Godox battery

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Re: Rqst: to people with a dead Godox battery

Couple of link for you




In general Godox batteries fail because people leave them in the strobe and the cells drain to below the safe charge level. The battery has a safety circuit which detects this and stops them being recharged.

It happened to one of my AD600Pro batteries and now I have a reminder in my calendar to check all my batteries every 3 months.

It's less likely to happen if the strobe comes with a cary case as the case will have a space for the battery to be stored separate from the strobe. AD600Pro doesn't come with a case so it's natural to store it with the battery attached. the AD1200Pro does come with a case but there's no obvious way of storing the strobe with the battery out. All the speedlights make it very difficult to store the speedlight and the battery separately.

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