Rqst: to people with a dead Godox battery

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Rqst: to people with a dead Godox battery

Here is a request to people who have a dead Godox battery:
Can you crack one open, check it, and send a picture?

I read quite often (here and on FB) about Godox batteries from the AD200, 860.II, and so on. These are relatively high voltage battery packs, with 3 or 4 cells (most likely pouches) inside.

I am trying to work out why they fail and what can be done about it.

My idea is:  The cells inside may be unbalanced. 
I am unwilling to crack open a working battery, hence my request to someone with a dead battery:

To be safe, do this outside. The battery will not sponaneously catch fire, but better safe than sorry.

Can you open the plastic casing.  Depending on the battery there will be 3 or 4 cells packed together.  Since your battery is dead, it is likely one is swollen.

Both ends of the battery pack will have a (fairly thick) wire connecting it to the connector on the casing.

To determine that the battery is indeed unbalanced, please check for 2 things:

1. is there a circuit board inside with a chip?

2. Looking at the connections between the cells: is there a thin wire from each connection between the cells to a central point (likely a chip) ?  For example, for a 4-cell battery pack there will be 3 additional (thin) wires, plus the thicker wires at both ends.

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