Where/what is (will be) the Z8?

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Re: Where/what is (will be) the Z8?


It seems clear that Nikon deliberately introduced the Z series of cameras but slotted them slightly below existing DLSR's in some important ways. Thus the Z7ii is almost, but not quite the equal of a D850, outside of video. Certainly there is a deliberate gap between the Z7 and the upcoming Z9.

That leaves room for a Z8, and plenty of speculation. Due to price, I'm not really interested in a Z9. But due to the Z9 specs, I'm plenty interested in a next-best-thing, in much the same way as a D700 was a baby D3. Or a direct replacement for the D850 that actually improves on it. (For instance, 60mp while maintaining the dynamic range of the D850, plus faster frame rate, actually better AF, etc, etc.)

Where is the Z8? What will it be?

If Nikon wants me to buy a mirrorless camera, it sure looks like it will take a Z8 to open my wallet.

I can’t help but think you will be shooting with your DSLR for a couple more years then.  So, it’s hardly worth speculating on it.

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