anybody find the differences between Q2-Mono and Q2 B&W mode?

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Re: anybody find the differences between Q2-Mono and Q2 B&W mode?

brick33308 wrote:

StevenScholten wrote:

From what I have read the difference is in the high iso. The monochrome is about 1 stop better. From what I have seen the image quality is comparabke under normal circumstances. I belive maybe you can see a slight difference when doing an A/B compare. But that is not a real life situation.

the Q2M owners (of which I'm not, I have the Q2) will tell you the image quality differences between Q2M are vast compared to Q2 images processed b/w. After all this time, especially looking at images posted on this thread I remain unconvinced.

Having owned the Q2M and Q2:

You can't see the images in that thread at full resolution and 1:1 zoom, which is where the Q2M blows away the Q2, especially at high ISO where the Q2M is nearly grainless past ISO 6400. The Q2M resolving power is close to what I get with my GFX 100S – the Q2 files have nowhere near that level of detail.

Also what you're seeing in Q2M image threads are some good shots mixed in with a lot of images that are not processed very well. To properly use the Q2M to its potential, you have to apply a great deal of skill – choosing the proper color filter to use (or not use) on the lens, using different methods to post-process the DNGs, etc. OTOH, color files converted to black and white are fairly easy to produce a nice image since you can manipulate the color sliders in the b&w panel in LR/C1 to do things you can never do with a monochrome file.

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