Question for those who shot film before digital

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Re: Question for those who shot film before digital

The Lamentable Lens wrote:

I came across a comment I found interesting in today's DPR article about Silver Efex Pro 3. In response to the software's ability to recreate a "film look," the commenter said this: "Imagine what pros back in the film era would have paid to rid their prints of the 'film look.'"

I'm just curious, does this reflect how a lot of film shooters felt, or would have felt, prior to the digital revolution? In other words, when people wax poetic about the film era, do any of you who shot seriously during the pre-digital era just roll your eyes at all the nostalgia? Are today's incredibly clean and sharp digital photos something you would have loved, say, thirty years ago?

Or, conversely, have today's photos lost something for all their technical perfection? Personally, I love modern technology for my own work, but I'm also a huge fan of Michael Kenna's work, for example. I don't think it's a matter of "better" or "worse," it's just different. But then again, I didn't shoot seriously when film was the only option (I shot cheap film cameras when I was younger -- but I only got seriously interested in photography several years ago).

Anyway, just curious to hear the opinions of those who shot film before it was a choice.

"Film look" can mean a lot, or nothing. What film? What chemical process? Printed on what paper using what process? I'm assuming we're talking about black and white processes. I have no idea what "rid their prints of "film look" means.

I'm not being defensive or taking a high ground here. I handled a lot of black and white films, papers, chemistries and processes. It's fun to discuss, but...

I've used Silver Efex Pro. It's very nice. Converting color to black and white is a little tricky. It's not precisely linear since the films weren't.

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