Share Your Favorite 'Not a Bird in Sight' Images

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Re: Great Images So Far!

Brev00 wrote:

About the jet image: it certainly qualifies as citizens of Metropolis do differentiate between birds and planes.

I do enjoy the whale images. I don't like dissuading folks from sharing images, feel like a party pooper, but let's keep those pesky birds out of the frame.

Here's one from yesterday. A jovial fellow. No doubt the number of blue catfish he caught contributed to his mood. Tough to get his entire body in the frame with my 150-600 G2 on the D500 from where I was operating on a narrow outcropping. I also took a few with my cell phone. It did a great job and the images were shared on the spot. The others will be sent later.

I also took a couple of the moon rising. A good time to do so with the dynamic range of the scene being so reasonable. The D610 handled shots of the sun setting a little while later.

Please keep sharing images without a bird in sight. I like seeing the variety of images one can take with what is often considered such a specialized camera. Thanks to everyone participating so far.

Plane Spotting and Photographing then  even when they are miles up flying on airways  - is my number one hobby  - I literally have Thousands  of such pictures.

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