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jpegman wrote:

julian kalmar wrote:

First Question: Will this sensor work together with NEC Spectraview?

Second Question: With Colormunki I´m used to make profiles with 800 to 1600 colours.
now this sensor only have targest with 2x 50 colours. Will this work as good as the 800 colours targest of colormunki?

Background: for my Monitor I used display2 Pro but now, after only 4 years, the plastic is terrible sticky, because of cheap plastic, used with this sensor. So I have to buy a new sensor. As I always have to borrow a Munki from a friend when I have to make a new ICC I´m thinking to buy the i1Studio for Monitor and printer...


1st question - I just used my ColorMunki to profile my NEC MultiSync P221W monitor using SpectraView II_Windows_1.1.42.

2nd question -Don't understand it - are you talking about Print Profile generation?

Yes, sorry, I wasn´t clear enough......2nd question is for printer ICC profiles.


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