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Re: Update to Greg and Nancy's Excellent Adventure - Part One

Birddogman wrote:

We have remained in far northeastern MT for the past couple weeks and we'll be here until we leave for home - maybe later this week, depending on weather. It's warm today, but temps are supposed to hit the low 20's later this week. The MH doesn't have the best insulation and it doesn't handle extreme cold very well - pipes can freeze, etc.

The water pump in the circus trailer of the lady of the house handed in its resignation over last year's frost.  One needs to remember to drain them.  "Just" a manual pump but certainly expensive enough.

Also we no longer have access to water as that has been shut off for the season here.

We had a few days of icy, blowing rain and snow last week, during which time we stayed home. Call me a wimp if you want, but I don't enjoy climbing through heavy brush to hunt in the rain.

Wimp or not, why do stuff for fun when it isn't fun?

I actually enjoy hunting in snow, but we had no accumulation except at higher elevations.

Each day there is a parade of rooster pheasants through our camp in the morning, like this guy out there in the rain. There is no hunting allowed right here, so I think the birds like to hang out here. We do hear plenty of coyotes right outside at night. however. No doubt that they have pheasant on their menu.

That machine looks like a truck with a driver who decided never to back over anything again in their life, and they installed dozens of rear mirrors.

The dogs "point" the phez from inside - very funny to watch:

Probably the point is to make you laugh hard enough to flush the birds.  Valiant attempt.

Here, Bliss insisted on taking over my "office" chair to "point" the birds in the rain.

With a bit more coaching, she'll be able to trigger the camera to prove her point.

When the weather cleared, Joy was still on the IR; and it was too cold for Nancy to go out, so young Bliss and I were free to really pound in the miles in heavy cover. I decided to try hunt different kinds of cover to attempt a "Montana Trifecta" - namely taking at least one of all three local species of upland birds in one day - phez, sharptail and Huns. Bliss did just great - like a dog with many more years of experience - working jumpy, running birds for hundreds of yards without causing them to flush until she could get them to hold for a point that I could approach to within gun range. I was successful in getting a "Trifecta" - first time ever A couple of the superb points by Bliss on that day:

Coached by the best.

The next day was warmer and Nancy wanted to hunt. She especially loves pheasant hunting, so that's what we did. Joy wanted to go and was devastated when she couldn't. I wasn't ready to let Joy run yet because I wasn't sure she was fully healed, so we had Bliss as our only dog power after she had covered probably 30+ miles of very rugged country and cover the day before.

Both my ladies were on fire. Bliss hunted perfectly and very hard. She even did a couple icy water retrieves of big roosters!

Nancy busted through miles of heavy cover, tulles, mud, gumbo; she worked the dog like a pro; and shot like Annie Oakley with her little 20 gauge.

Long story short, Nancy limited out on wild Montana pheasants. This is varsity-level bird hunting, so that is quite an achievement for anyone, let alone a 67 year old widow/grandmother, who had never picked up a shotgun until about 3.5 years ago. My happy partner with her birds and even a small shed she found:

Coached by the best.  You got a lot of tough ladies around you.

I was very proud of her. The Old Man had a very good day, too. This was a Nancy cell phone pic of me taking a big rooster that flushed off a Bliss point. OK, OK, it needs a little help with framing and composition, but she's learning photography; and shooting action with a cell phone isn't easy for anyone.

She probably is used to shotgun triggers by now.

The results of a long hard day afield in wild country when everything (well, almost - see Part Two) goes right:


Over here it's wet and cold.

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