Wetlands Wildlife w/200-600mm and 100-400mm (10/19/2021)

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Wetlands Wildlife w/200-600mm and 100-400mm (10/19/2021)

With this post, I can wrap up two weekends - the rest of June 5th and all of June 12th, 2021.  June 5th continued a lovely day out shooting with Snapa and rgwaller1 from these boards, and then some more of the wetlands life from the following weekend - summer days tend to be shorter shooting sessions, as it's brutally hot and chance of rain is very high every day.

The shots wrapping up June 5th were still with the A6600 and the FE 200-600mm G OSS combo, then for June 12th, I switched to the FE 100-400mm GM lens.  All shots are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view them in original size:

Backlit tricolored heron chick, straying from the nest to explore its world

Closeup of the tricolored heron chick, with that peach-fuzz hair still trying to grow into full adult colors

Anhinga flying past in a fairly clear sky, to wrap up June 5th

Moving on to June 12th and the 100-400mm lens - I got to start the day with a lovely least bittern lurking through the downed reeds left from a passing alligator

And with the close focus ability, I could also get right into the face of this blue dasher dragonfly perched at the end of a flower bud

The small, fast, and frenetic purple martins were buzzing around over the wetlands snatching bugs out of the air

A look at the soft, muted pinkish colors of a roseate skimmer dragonfly, perched near the top of a reed

A lot of my recent wildlife posts have had black-necked stilts in them - this is the time of year when they're here in abundance and nesting - this one didn't have any chicks nearby - it was just walking the shallow mud looking for food

It's always nice to see the large pileated woodpeckers - not as common a sight around here as the red-bellied and downy woodpeckers we see all the time

The black-necked stilt was unhappy about something and started calling out in alert - funny it didn't mind me standing there 15 feet away, but something it saw far off in the distance was getting it all riled up

A funny phase for juvenile moorhens - they start off all black as young hatchlings, then transition into this grey phase, before they take on their adult colors - all black again!

And speaking of juvenile birds who eventually turn black, this juvenile boat-tailed grackle was mostly in brown, but showing the black streaks around the head and wings - eventually, he'll be all jet black with iridescent sheen

He let out a few calls to see where its parents might be - though he's big enough to fly and hunt on his own, juvenile birds are often lazy and will continue to try to get food from the parents as long as possible

The lowly sky rat - reviled bird of most cities...yet, somehow this pigeon standing on the rail in a wetlands area lets you take a new appreciation for their subtle beauty and touches of color - they somehow look less dirty and more lovely in the wild

I mentioned how moorhen hatchings come out black - these two looked quite young and freshly out of the egg - with those worthless little wing stubs and bulging eyes, they are a great example of something so ugly that it ends up being cute.

Comments, questions, and critique always welcomed.

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