Shooting while wearing Eye-Glasses: Viewfinders Eye Relief: E-M10ii, X-T20-30, X-T3, and others

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Shooting while wearing Eye-Glasses: Viewfinders Eye Relief: E-M10ii, X-T20-30, X-T3, and others

I have to wear my eye glasses at all times, including while looking through a camera viewfinder. The issue I struggle with is most cameras don't have enough viewfinder eye relief for me. As you may know, many other people who wear eye glasses also struggle with this.

How much viewfinder eye relief is needed (for a person wearing eye-glasses while shooting) varies from one person to the next. My vision is bad (20/450) and my glasses are thick. So what works for me should (in theory) work for most other people who wear eye glasses while using viewfinder.

Note: I've heard some folks call it "eye relief" and others call it "eye point". Same thing.

Last night I tried the EVF of X-T20 which has 17.5mm eye relief. It's useable for me with minor difficulty, but not comfortable. For me, it sucks the joy out of using this otherwise excellent camera. The X-T30, X-T30ii, X-E3, and X-E4 have the same 17.5mm eye relief. This is why I'm not going to buy two X-T30ii cameras.

Fuji, were you thinking? Don't you know many people have to wear eyeglasses while using viewfinder? Fuji, instead of thinking of X-Txx and X-Ex cameras as good consumer cameras, please upgrade your thinking to make them mini pro grade cameras like Leica was for generations of journalists. People love a great small camera. Eyeglasses wearers would love a good mini prograde camera that they can use. You're already so close to this in the X-Txx and X-Ex. IMO, the only improvement they need is 19.5mm or ideally 20mm eye relief.

My 7 years old consumer grade Olympus E-M10ii viewfinder has 19.2mm eye relief. That is (just barely) enough eye relief to be marginally comfortable and useable while wearing my eyeglasses. It's not ideal, but is adequate. I've been mostly satisfied with its EVF for 7 years. I could not tolerate using the Fuji X-T20 viewfinder for 10 minutes.

A viewfinder with 20mm eye relief would be ideal for me to use while wearing my eye glasses. 19.5mm would be good enough.

The X-T3 has 23mm eye relief. So it will be more than good enough for me to use while wearing my eyeglasses. I'm going to buy one X-T3 instead of two X-T30ii. I will buy all the F2 prime lenses and also 14mm F2.8, 15-45mm, and 18-55mm.

I am a new Fuji user who is leaving Olympus. Fuji is still getting new customers. You might get a lot more new eyeglasses wearing customers if you put better EVF on your X-Txx and X-Ex cameras. By better, I mean at least 19.5mm eye relief. 20mm would be ideal.

For others who are concerned about this issue and are considering buying any brand of camera... I think most eyeglasses wearers need a viewfinder with a minimum of 19mm eye relief. 19mm is minimum I can use, and probably similar for most eyeglasses wearers.

20mm eye relif would be ideal for me. I think 20mm would be ideal for most folks who shoot while wearing their eyeglasses. That said, the X-T3, X-T4 (and perhaps other models) have 23mm eye relief, which (I assume) should be enough for anyone.

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