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sherman_levine wrote:

VT wrote:

Franno83 wrote:

VT wrote:

However (not a criticism) I was a bit taken aback by the noise/mottling in the hover fly pic

crop of Franno83's pic

- this is what I would expect from the FZ80/82 with its tiny 1/2.3" sensor, not the 1" sensor of the FZ1000ii which is over 4x area/size. (hence the undesirability of pixel peeping)

Regardless - your pics are just so well composed - don't let any nerdy/technical issues prevent you from posting more, please

Well, I expect it is operator error as usual! I'm not a pixel peeper so had no idea it was noisy. I'm wondering if I took this with the Raynox. Can't remember to be honest.

Neah! if you're happy with your results, then all other bets are off - also I think you are too modest - I seriously doubt it was "operator error". Just because I spotted noise/mottling in the photo, cannot possibly invalidate it from being a good photo...

This is the whole point - pixel peeping is useful, for some technical aspects - but not really for judging a photo....

Best, and keep posting your goodies - always a pleasure to see them.

PIE lists focal length in 35mm format as 800mm, so if this is a crop, it's a crop of a digitally-upsampled sensor, which would at least partially explain the artifacts.

Thank you Sherm - that's exactly right - I had forgot about i.Zoom and digital zoom capabilities

Using ExifToolGUI I can confirm:

Focal Length : 146.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 800.0 mm)

which means some kind of "digital" zoom had to been used, as the max optical focal length on the FZ1000/2 is 400mm equiv.


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