Coming back to Digital, need some guidance.

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Re: Coming back to Digital, need some guidance.

Welcome back! 

If you're getting back into digital and you don't have lenses to consider, the Z series cameras are quite amazing, particularly the "II" versions (e.g. Z6 II).  You get some nice features and lenses that are quite stunningly sharp.  You also get in-body stabilization in 5 axes of movement.

You also have options on DX vs FX in the Z mount, and all the new cameras have been generally well reviewed.  While the camera bodies are somewhat smaller, the lenses tend to be similar to their DSLR counterparts, so you might want to try a typical combo before making the decision on "heft".

I made the decision not to migrate from the D7200 DX to a FX Z series (original) since I have quite a bit of F-mount, full-frame glass, including my Tamron 24-70 G1 ($$$).  Much of my glass is Tamron, so there are limits on which lenses can work in fully automatic mode, even with the FTZ adapter or a firmware upgrade.

About the time I made that decision (1-2 days later), Nikon announced the D780, which I pre-ordered.  It's a fabulous camera.  It's probably the last DSLR in the prosumer range, and Nikon pulled out the stops.  It has the D5's autofocus in view-finder mode, and in live view it's a Z6 with 273 point autofocus.  The low-noise performance is top-notch, and you can use basically any F-mount glass, even that that use the in-body focus motor.  I'm 20,000+ images in in less than two years, and I've never regretted the decision.  I shoot RAW almost exclusively, and the flexibility of the camera is just amazing.  I shot a bit of JPEG before Adobe updated Lightroom for the D780 RAW, and those image files held up well to editing.

If you need the megapixels, the D850 is an outstanding camera, but there are newer, Z-inspired features the d780 has that are not available on the D850.   To be clear, you would not be unhappy with the D850, just consider the trade-offs.  The D750 is a great camera as well, but it is older tech, the low-noise performance is not as good, and you definitely take a feature hit compared to either the D780 or D850.

As a dad shooting sports, I'm sure you're painfully aware of lighting at indoor venues.  I have yet to have a scenario that the D780 could not handle.  Nikon got rid of the built-in flash, but I have missed it.  The native shooting ability of the D780 is just that good, and officials generally frown on flash at games. 

Best wishes as you make the transition back to digital.

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