Coming back to Digital, need some guidance.

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Re: Coming back to Digital, need some guidance.

I've never stopped taking film (on an F601), still love it - but I have switched to a develop and scan service. Cost is OK if use rates aren't high.

About 3 years ago, Fx finally stopped being priced for pros and I was able to pick up a D750 with 24-120/4 cheap - the ultimate digital holdout, though I've used the better P&S for ages. Of course, you'd be looking at used now they're not really on sale. The camera consistently gives me no excuses to hide my poor technique, fabulous DR. I thought about getting a used D700 too, but felt I wanted more pixels since I already had roughly 12Mp with the film anyway, and was concerned about economic serviceability with the older D700.

In your place, the main things that would have me thinking wider than D-series bodies is whether you wanted smaller and lighter (MFT or aps-c), or else that video was a something you wanted. Plus OVF/EVF. Obviously the development money and hype is with mirrorless systems now, but that leaves Fx as a mature product set with lots of lens options at lots of price points. And, if you're able to stretch a bit on price, the D850 is staggeringly good value - the reviews consistently say it's the best dslr ever. The Z5 is the cheapest Nikon FF mirrorless.

The mirrorless versus dslr debate has done about a million laps here, and the pros and cons are pretty well known if you read here.

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