IBIS can correct for motion blur: Toshiba Paper and Canon Patent

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IBIS can correct for motion blur: Toshiba Paper and Canon Patent

Copy of my post in Fuji forum. I figured Olympus users might be interested in this.

I have seen people put forward this statement as a fact - "IBIS is not useful when subject is moving"

This is technically incorrect. IBIS can be used to correct for motion blur - if the motion is not completely random or insanely fast. Basically the IBIS is used to add motion to sensor rather than its usual role of compensating motion of sensor. Computational techniques are used to effectively cancel the subject motion using IBIS motion.

More details in this paper here(a decade old), probably funded by Toshiba Corp:


It uses something called Weiner deconvolution. It can be made even better with deep learning.


Canon has a patent wherein they explain that distinguishing camera shake from subject motion is important to correct for either of those individually. Probably something that might get implemented under the hood in Canon R1.


There are multiple algorithms for deblurring. A recent report that I found online which gives a comprehensive overview is:


Any thoughts? Should Olympus "wow" camera incorporate such techniques?

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