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Another clue

New Day Rising wrote:

maxdance wrote:

maxdance wrote:

maxdance wrote:

Which two buildings are we walking between?

Perhaps sisters? - 79 years difference in age, but of similar nature and one refuses to die.


After about ten years of rest and rejuvenation on these shaky isles, the older girl will hopefully be back entertaining us again in a couple of years time - and maybe then capable of coping with a bit of future jitterbug or rock 'n roll (?). One assumes that a pipe organ would have been of little interest to the Rolling Stones or the Beatles, but it too will be back fully refreshed.

It has been said that back in '73 Kenny Rogers and The First Edition created quite a stir when they also visited the older girl - but they soldiered on amongst the bird bodies, eggs and nests. Maybe the highly rated (world leading?) acoustics were too good?

Now about to dive between the sheets, back in the morn.

I suspect Max is being a bit tricky and one of these buildings no longer exists.

My guess is that we are looking at the Christchurch Town Hall and the now demolished Christchurch Convention Centre.

Sorry NDR, right 'shaky isles' country but wrong location - they are both still proudly standing and a Google 'street view' supplies a similar perspective to the photo. And a Symphony Orchestra currently prefers the younger girl - but that may change in a couple of years when a beautiful sounding Edwardian pipe organ returns from down south.

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