Burnt out on my x100f

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Hitting the wall

First, welcome to FM!

The X100F is a great camera, but by its very nature it has limitations.  I think you are looking to move to a different experience and getting a camera with interchangeable lenses will open up a new world of opportunities.

I was in a similar position as you, but I was 15 years old and it was 1966. I had a little Sears Tower 35mm rangefinder with a fixed 40mm lens. I was fascinated by SLRs and the ability to change lenses.  The bad news is my little rangefinder fell apart.  The good news is that was an excuse to buy an SLR.  I ended up getting an Exacta.  The salesperson recommended it because I'm left handed and the controls on the Exacta are backwards compared to all other SLRs.

I went on and got a degree in photography and worked as a full time pro for nearly 20 years. As others have pointed out, lulls and dry spells are part of the experience.   Sometimes you can shake out of them by G.A.S., getting a new camera or lens. Sometimes you just have to wait and let it run its course.  Then one morning you'll wake up and want to grab your camera and have at it.

If you buy a new Fuji and a couple of lenses you'll have a honeymoon period where you'll explore all the new possibilities.  Then, more than likely, you'll hit another dry spell, but don't get discouraged.  The trick will be to ride it out without trying to solve it with G.A.S.  Be patient and it will pass.

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