Cropping and Upsizing with Topaz

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Re: Cropping and Upsizing with Topaz

rick decker wrote:

will check it out later...see my PM


Hmm,. Maybe I assumed incorrectly that your upsized version was sharpened. And maybe I didn't do the image right.

Here's what I get when I sharpen mine again (after upsizing). I notice that it has the jaggies from upsizing.

Sharpened(?), upsized, sharpened again. Maybe not optimum.

And here's what I get when sharpening your upsized version.

Your upsized version, my sharpening.

By the way, I like the uncropped version. Print it big and you can have it both ways. Great photo..

There is, however, a little mistake in processing around the rock that he is standing on.  It looks like a masking error.

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