Some tips regarding the best RAW-TIFF workflow for XT3 RAF ? (Yeah, I know, again :s)

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Some tips regarding the best RAW-TIFF workflow for XT3 RAF ? (Yeah, I know, again :s)

Hi there,

I know that this subject had been debated quite a bunch of time but i'm struggling to find proper recent overviews, especially when it comes to RAW to TIFF conversion as a first step.

Some context : despite the quite horrible performance and service of Skylum Luminar AI, i'm still willing to use it and the upcoming Neo. I know, that's suicidal and insanity, but, eh, I want to try a last time to use conveniently before ditching it forever.

RAW is pure pain in this software, reaaaaaaally slow and not the very best raw developper as well. Better go with TIFF instead. This is where i'm a bit confused.

What would be the best (paid or free) way to go from RAW to TIFF as of today's softwares ? I'd like one that can allow browsing, you know, like just being able to select the one to convert and ditch all the failed pictures. But if some tool is really better than others and do not provide any kind of viewer, only taking inputs RAF to export TIFF, i'm fine.

Another question for my culture : i've always used DxO (not with Fuji haha), LightRoom, Luminar to open RAW files and never cared about development settings. What is this all about ? I mean, theses software are meant to explore all the data embedded in a raw file, so what about theses settings that can be tweaked in Lightroom, if i remember correctly, like sharpness and all ? Is it the same than the slider, but simply a way to preset a value to sharpness that will be shown then during the editing ? Just a "base edit" ?

And finally, I like to play around with the Topaz suite, especially Sharpen / Denoise / Gigapixel. Not all the picture require a go in even one of them, to be clear, of course.

But taking the worst case scenario of a 4x cropped and noisy picture, what would be the ideal workflow ? I would say going from RAW to TIFF using the better tool to do that, then using Denoise, then gigapixel, than global "normal" edit ? (knowing that topaz softare are known to not be good as a raw developper so not an option as a first step)

Or is it more valuable to edit based on the tiff, then denoise, then gigapixel ?

Or else ?

Thanks a lot in advance, I want to best use the marvelous XT3 files

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