16" M1 MAX 64GB MacBook Pro is 2x faster than Mac Pro

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Re: Insane performance!

vett93 wrote:

silentstorm wrote:

And that is just the laptop variant!

Imagine Apple put 2 Max in the imac and 4 of that into the imac pro!

Brain just exploded thinking about it! Hahahahaha~

This is a typical Samsung PCIe Gen 4 SSD performance. MZVL22T0HBLB-00$00/07 | SSD | Samsung Semiconductor

I'm not talking about the SSD speed, the current ones are already super duper fast at 7GB/s read!

I'm very interested in what can the new Pro and Max M1 do if Apple put 2 or 4 inside a desktop computer, the data crunching part. That would be really mind blowing and game changing! Paradigm shift perhaps?

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