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Hustle76 wrote:

ViMa wrote:

Another thing I'm not sure I get is why is there a new leather case.

Sure, the GR III x is 2mm thicker but I don't see how the GR III case would not fit it.

I'm sure the camera will fit both cases - but whether it's practical to use them is another thing.

I have the GC-9 and the GRIII fits very snugly into it. When attaching the case to a belt, I've found that care needs to be taken when removing the camera because of the tightness of the fit and it's often not that quick to do so.

I have a Hama case that can be fastened to a belt; the GRIII fits very well into it but because there's more space for it, in some ways it's a more practical option.

I experimented using a hotshoe thumb grip with the GRIII and found that because of the increased thickness it was a real struggle to get the camera in and out of the GC-9 - so much so, it wasn't practical to use it as it was designed to be used.

If I get the GRIIIx, I'll still have a go with my GC-9, but as soon as I saw that it's thicker, albeit only fractionally, I wasn't surprised to see that two new cases have come out.

Just to note I found it very easy to use the GC-9 with the GR IIIx. It fits perfectly without me having to jam it in with any kind of strength etc.

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