M43 or APS-C upgrade - wildlife, macros and miscellaneous

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M43 or APS-C upgrade - wildlife, macros and miscellaneous

Hi all,

I am a beginner photographer and looking to upgrade my camera. At the moment I have a Nikon D3400 with the 18-55mm VR kit lens and a 90mm Tamron macro lens. My main focus for photography is wildlife and macros, with an eye open at some landscape and possibly basic milky way photos down the way (but no priority at all for this, just a thought). I almost never used my 18-55mm actually, as I am more into bugs and macros in general. Now, I was looking to buy a 70-300mm VR Nikkor but then I started thinking that it may be more wise to change camera before getting to many lenses for my current system. I am not looking to become a professional photographer or whatever, I will keep it as an hobby for my travels and weekends.

Now, I was considering whether to buy an APS-C or m43 system. Not really looking into FF as the crop factor seems to be more useful to me. I am really attracted by the following cameras:

- Sony a6xxx series, maybe 6100 for starting out and maybe an upgrade to the a7 in some years.

- Fuji X-S10 - looks amazing on paper and a friend has it. Seems quite convenient but entry cost is high and Fuji lenses are expensive. Third party lenses are available though, and they seem to cost less money.

- Another Fuji? Maybe an E4, which misses IBIS and other features of the X-S10, but would allow me to start building a pile of X-mount lenses for a future upgrade

- Panasonic G9

- Olympus (not sure which).

The advantage of APS-C is that there are plenty of lenses and support. It does not compromise too much compared to a FF in terms of light and quality, and it may allow more flexibility to play around.

The m43 is a system that I do not really know that much. I played around with a GH5 in indoors but only video-wise, and it seemed quite nice. I have budget restrictions so a GH5 is out of question, but the system itself doesn't seem to bad for the price. The portability seems to be its key factor, and I would love to have a 300mm lens that is actually a 600mm. However, I am worried that the low resolution (compared to APS-C) and impossibility to go wide may hinder my exploration. Also, I am not sure on how they handle light and high ISO value.

I wanted to ask you how much flexibility you can have with a m43 system, how much your photography can span for a beginner/enthusiast looking to improve. My main focus is to have a fast and reliable AF system, potential to shoot good videos, and have some budget macro lenses available.

I am obviously open to suggestions about cameras and lenses. I am trying to stay within a USD1000$ budget for my upgrade, but I am flexible.

Nikon D3400 Panasonic GH5 Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Sony a7
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