I have an odd question.

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Re: I have an odd question.

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thinkinginimages wrote:

I say it often: there are so many types and styles of photography. When you're around long enough you try the ones that appeal to you and give a nod to the one you don't care for.

I happen to like SOOC. It makes me think before pressing the shutter button. I also know my cameras well.

You say that as if you believe that people who post process do not think before pressing the shutter, and that we do not know our cameras well.

Perhaps you've heard of Ansel Adams? This name comes up a lot in this thread.


Absolutely not. Let me toss out a volatile question: is "post" part of photography or a separate function? Where's "the line"? They're both art forms. I can hear the incoming salvos now. Sorry.

What I am suggesting is that due to the vast amount of influences and information shooting techniques are wonderfully, amazingly, different. That's great.

I am a very deliberate photographer. I think a lot of it is my age and experience. I've worked with "spray and pray" photographers. That was their "technique". It was all good.

I can go deep into Adams and his techniques, but that would be distracting. He was a master technician/scientist as well as a photographer/artist. I often wonder what he would have made of digital technology. On the other hand, I think Cartier-Bresson, and Lang, would have been thrilled by digital. Post processing wasn't "their thing".

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