Canon Pro 4100 Driver Color Match Settings with Qimage

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Re: Canon Pro 4100 Driver Color Match Settings with Qimage

J Vee wrote:

Can follow to Main tab of driver. However, there is no Manual setting that I can see. Instead, under Main, there is a COLOR MODE with a sub choice of COLOR SETTINGS with sub 1:Color Adust 2: Matching 3 Clear Coating. Under 2 "Matching are the following: a Driver Matching, b ICC Profile Matching, c ICM, d OFF

No problems with setting printer .icc in Qimage "Printer profile." Just worried about the a, b, c settings above in combination with using a" printer profile" chosen in Qimage

Have tried to get tech help from Canon by phone which is usually very, very, good. In this case they just said it was a question for Qimage and am unable so far to get answer from them (again, usually great help).


To be fair to Canon I could see why they would avoid wanting to describe setting up a wide range of apps. That said, support should be able to answer the question of how to configure the printer for an ICC colour managed application.

Canon do describe working with ICC profiles, but it is a little buried in the manual:

For your case its the top one (ICC capable app) of the two cases on that page. You should see they say to set 'Color Correction' off in step 4. Hope the alleviates your concern.

Documentation on the other options is here:

I personally always found the word off a little misleading in this situation, but it’s hard to come up with something better that conveys the concepts succinctly and ideally in a universal way. It took root when there were less ICC enabled apps and app print dialogs were less integrated. This could lead to people not configuring the print chain correctly, leading to issues such as double conversions. Setting off in the driver was a way for the user to communicate (realise) that input to output ICC conversion was being done in the app and so didn't need to be done again in the driver.

Somewhat misleading, as the driver or printer will still do major colour management with all four of the colour correction options, including off. As it must convert from the RGB provided by the app to the N-colour needed by the printer.

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