If Sony made cars - dpreview edition

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If Sony made cars - dpreview edition


Forum user: I don’t know why Sony made a pickup truck. I never use a pickup. I live in the inner city where parking are small and driving a big car is unnecessary. If people need pickups they should just go to Canon. I don't care that Sony has another 5 small cars, I just don't want them to make a pick up.

Forum user: I don’t have any kids or hobbies, it makes no sense for Sony to make a 4 seater pick up when they already have a 4 seater sedan. Sony should have made a 2 seater sportscar.

Forum user: This car is way too big. Sony has only made small cars. Why have they suddenly decided to make big cars now? I switched to Sony because they had small cars.

Forum user: I just bought a new Sony car. My car value is going to drop. Why don't Sony warn us about this when we are buying cars?

Forum user: Why do Sony announce cars and wait 5 months to release them? I want my car now! *throws tantrum*

Forum user: I have a backorder at both Car-arama and BH-car. When my pickup arrives, I’ll cancel one of them. Does anyone know who will get it first?

Forum user: I have had my car on back order for 6 months. Why can't Sony plan on the demand for this previously unreleased model and have enough available for everyone?

Forum user: I just spent $50,000 on the new pick up. I have no experience but I want to start a commercial business. What should I charge?

Forum user: The towbar mount on the new Canon is bigger than Sony. Petapickup released an article that said you wouldn’t be able to tow anything larger than a 60 foot yacht. I won’t need to tow anything for the next 10 years and I don't have a yacht, but this limitation seems concerning. Do I need to worry?

Forum user: Are there is a list of trailers that meet the grade of this pick up. I know I can tow a small trailer and it will have no noticeable impact, but given I got a new pick up, I figure I need a completely overspecced trailer for no reason whatsoever.

Forum user: When is Sigma going to create third party wheels for the Sony pickup truck?

Forum user: The Sony wheels are a lot better than the Tamron wheels. I know you can't actually tell the difference without high tech tools that measure vibration, but I have a lot of disposable income so I bought them so I could tell people I bought them.

Forum user: Sony fuel is 3x the price of third party fuel. I get warnings every time I put fuel in. Are there any third-party fuel’s that work?

First reply: Why would you spend $50,000 on a pickup and skimp on fuel? Buy overpriced Sony fuel, it's worth it to get rid of the warning. I know every other brand works fine on other fuel, but Sony is special.

Forum user: I have tested the new car, but I’m pretty sure this specific model of car will make me a better driver. I’ve decided to get the rally edition with raised suspension. I’ll only be using it on roads in the inner city but all the professional rally drivers use them so I’m sure it will work better.

Forum user: Can I fit a baby seat in the back of the pickup? I'm a novice pick up driver.

Forum user: Newbie question. Is the R for racing and P for performance? I heard from someone that its racing.

Forum user: I am selling my old Sony car. It only has 1000 miles on it in 3 years because I bought it so I could pretend I was driving the car. Now I plan to buy the new pickup because everyone else has it. What should I ask for it?

Forum user: They say the Canon pickup has better weather sealing. It seems pointless when I don’t drive my car in the rain. If it rains, I just find an underpass and stop driving.

Forum user: Hopefully Sony has fixed the engine issue. My last engine ceased at 30,000 miles, just outside the warranty and Sony wouldn’t repair it.

First reply: That can’t possibly be true. My engine went is on 100,000 miles and still working. You only have 800 posts to your name and you once posted on the Canon forum about something completely unrelated…are you sure you aren’t a troll?

Forum user: I haven’t driven it because it’s just been announced, but I’m pretty sure the performance will be better than Canon because it has a Sony badge.

Forum user: Why would anyone need such a big engine. Just don't drive uphill or offroad and you don't need a big engine. A 2.0L engine is big enough for everyone.

Forum user: I'm waiting for Tamron to release wheels for it. They will have a complete obscure size that makes no sense, but they will offer similar performance at a fraction of the price.

Forum user: I got my Sony pickup and I found a random issue where if I put my foot flat offroad on a hill, the pickup randomly goes into reverse. Why was this not reported from any of the influencers who got the test the body first?

First reply: Here's a hint. Mostly because they aren't real drivers and have never actually gone off-road in a car.

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